It’s all happening

EW writing cafeA lot has been happening, but perhaps the most exciting – for me – is that I have a new book deal.  Beyond the Beehive is to be published in a new format, coming out in the New Year, followed closely by a sequel. What can I say? People have been crying out for a sequel. Yes you did, Marion.

So in order to have the new book finished by November I have set myself the task of writing 1000 words a day. This means that by the end of June I shall have written a book. Then the editing begins. And by mid July I shall have half a book.

In order to ensure that I keep to my quota I am now walking around with pen and paper in my pocket, ready to note down any gem of conversation that I hear or memory that strikes me.  I am also spending time in quiet, out of the way places, cafes and the like, where for a couple of hours I am out of internet or phone contact.

EW writing (12)

And now I am off to join writing companion, Maureen Hanscomb, where I shall be obliged to keep my head down, so I scarcely notice the wonderful view – Ally Pally in all its splendour.

Maureen's view of Ally Pally