An evocative story about female friendships and being a mod girl in the 60s Beyond the Beehive has been purchased by publisher Bonnier Zaffre and will appear in a new edition in early 2018.

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  • Written by a former barrister who practised from the chambers of Michael Mansfield QC and is well known for her work on women’s issues.
  • Set against a background of the political climate of the day including CND and the Vietnam War.

1965, a year of mods and rockers, Motown music, milk bars and ban-the-bomb.

Sandra and Linda have been best friends for as long as they can remember.  They live on a working-class housing estate in Essex.  Sandra’s New Year resolution is to get engaged to Danny Mulroney, the local bad boy.  Linda needs to leave the estate, or so Sylvie says – Sylvie, the exotic, scarlet woman, who has a baby but no husband, lived in Paris but has no passport, reads books but has no bookcase.

A passionate, honest and important story of female friendship and the search for love and adventure at a time of political and social change.

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Elizabeth Woodcraft grew up on a working class housing estate in Essex.  She was a mod and worked in the local milk bar.  After attending Birmingham University she worked as a National Co-ordinator for the National Women’s Aid Federation in London and subsequently read for the Bar.  During her time as a barrister, working from the chambers of Michael Mansfield QC, she represented Greenham Common Peace Protesters, Anti-Apartheid demonstrators, striking miners and Clause 28 activists as well as battered women, children who suffered sexual abuse and gay parents seeking parental rights.  Elizabeth’s first two books were Good Bad Woman (shortlisted for the CWA award for best debut novel) and Babyface (both HarperCollins) featuring barrister Frankie Richmond.

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Elizabeth Woodcraft will be available for interview around publication.  For more information contact Debbie Elliott

Agent Annette Green Authors’ Agency

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Elizabeth Woodcraft