Big Brother

NewspapersToday I have been reading the Daily Mirror (the paper that cares) and the Daily Telegraph today, as well as the Guardian, to be on top of all the news that’s fit to talk about on Monday, since I shall once again be gracing the airwaves with views and reviews of what is in the newspapers on BBC Radio Essex at 6.15 am and 6.45 am.

There are a couple of points to make.  First of all, the usual presenter of the 6-9 slot is James Whale.  But on Monday, it will not be he – because he is currently appearing on Channel 5 as a resident of the Big Brother house.  I have also watched a few clips of the programme in case the issue comes up.

Celebrity Big Brother Channel 5

I wonder what it would be like to stay there.  I don’t think you could do it, unless you were absolutely clear that it was a game and that any decisions you made were just as part of the game and meant nothing outside of those four walls.  The inmates are required to do such unpleasant, mean things, divisions are made, people have to choose to betray people, they have to do things or the others will suffer.  Decisions are made in secret, but everybody knows.

So how would you get by? No books, no pens, no paper, no films, no telly.  Just the other inmates. I suppose, once inside the house, you would need to spend time just getting to know people, being interested them, hearing their stories.  Because of course that is the wonderful thing, that everyone has a story, an interest, a hobby.  And you can always find it.

But, no, I wouldn’t do it – not for all the tea in China.  And I like tea.  And I like China.  Hen hao.

Just as a small side note – in the Daily Mirror was a story about Elton John relaxing in the millionaire’s playground of Sardinia.  And only last week we were in Corsica. We were so close!  Corsica may be 170km south-east of France, and it may be 90km west of Italy, but it is a mere 11k north of Sardinia.  So close!

Corsica - map