That Film Quiz

Last night, the 26 May 2016, in a friendly pub in North London, friends and family gathered to test their strength in the world of Film and Television, raising money for the Eave Alan Fountain Scholarship Fund, to support documentary film makers in South America – a cause close to Alan’s heart.


So how did team Straight to Video get on?  Well, it was a disappointing result in that we didn’t win.  But it was a glamorous, not to say glittering event.

IMG_3164 (3)Straight to Video began the evening by opening a Fortune Cookie to raise morale and with any luck give last minute advice – mine suggested that ‘Wisdom goes not always by years’ and Maureen Who Likes Frasier had ‘A smile is the distance between two people’.  After that we felt it best to rely on our own knowledge and experience, possibly a foolish move.

There were a nice lot of TV questions (Alan did after all work in television) so our combined knowledge of Coronation Street and Brookside, with a glance to Countdown (the first ever C4 programme – loved by my mum) was put to excellent use.

We didn’t win – but because the organisers were lovely young people, they only announced the first two winning teams.  So we were quietly confident that if there had been another system of marking (possibly the Pointless way – ie the fewer the points the greater the chance of success) we could have been contenders.

A full room in a lovely pub (the Clissold Arms in Fortis Green, North London), good questions, a constant supply of snacks and water, an excellent mistress of ceremonies and a lot of dosh raised.

A lovely tribute to a lovely man.