Indie Author Fair


While the Indie Author Book Fair was going on last week, on the 6th floor of the swanky new Foyle’s building in Charing Cross Road, and while the wine and the canapes made buying books an even greater pleasure than normal, I slid into a small side room and talked to Ingram Spark about A Sense of Occasion.

Book covers 002

Ingram Spark is an online publishing tool that provides access to a large distribution network for books and ebooks.  They were carrying out a series of interviews with independent writers, talking about their work, their books and what they had learned about the writing process.

You can see my video here (it lasts about two minutes)

Indie Author Fair





Ah Vienna

Ringstrasse tram

Think of Vienna – and you think music, the Opera, art, the Third Man, chocolate cake.  I was going to write a full, evocative description of our few days in Vienna.  But the 2015 election butted in – so here are a few glimpses.

First The Opera.


Music opera 5 Anna Bolena

A screen had been set up outside the Opera, and we stood and watched.  So we are now able to say carelessly, ‘Oh yes, we have been to the Viennese Opera.’

And there was more music in a local music shop.

Music The shop sells discs and sheet music – I am unable to explain what coffee house favourites Viennese style might be.

music coffee house But then, tucked into a window was this.

The Third Man

music zither Orson Welles with a knowing smile, as Harry Lime.  The Third Man is a theme that recurs throughout Vienna.  As the strains of the zither filtered through our brains, we considered taking a tram back to the Prater to go round the giant old Ferris Wheel one more time.  But we got the wrong tram, so we bought the tea towel.


But the next morning found us at the Cafe Mozart, where Graham Greene (staying at the Hotel Sacher) while writing the screenplay, enjoyed his morning coffee.  Cafe Mozart appears briefly in the film.  And we enjoyed the Third Man Breakfast.

Vienna 2015 046

Vienna 2015 047

And then, a surprising connection.  We leaped onto a tram – the 71, not knowing where we were going, German O level has its limits. I even tweeted ‘who knows where the Tram goes?’ Vienna Ringstrasse tram

And by complete coincidence, where it went was to the Zentralfriedhof – one of the largest cemeteries in the world – and the site of the funerals of Harry Lime at the beginning and end of the film, The Third Man.

Vienna 2015 058

And also …

We were only there a few days but we ate goulashkaiserschmarrn (sweet and sour bread and butter pudding), eggs in a glass (exactly), tafelspitz (beef, horseradish and applesauce), gugelhupf (sponge cake), drank delicious coffee (melange).  It wasn’t all gourmandise – we also visited the MAK museum where there was an exhibition of the work of architects Josef Hoffmann and Adolf Loos, entitled Ways to Modernism. It was very interesting, the conflicting ideas about what our living spaces should be and why, what role decoration and art should play in our homes and our environment.  I liked Loos’ style, it was quite austere, stark, straight lines.  The reconstruction of his bedroom – all white, fluffy and curtains hiding the shelving, was fascinating. It was purely – purely – by coincidence we had visited Loos American Bar.  Of course.

Vienna 2015 063