Monday Monday

It is the Labour Party conference.  I hear Martha Kearney is interviewing Dennis Skinner.  She asks him if he is pleased socialism is back on the agenda.  Is it?  This is wonderful news.  But Dennis said we had to put meat on the bones. It was the most exciting ten seconds of radio I’ve heard for a long time.

When did we stop equating the Labour Party with socialism?  What does the word mean to young activists?  I wonder if they are waiting to be given the nod and they will explode into action and demand re-nationalisation of the railways and gas and electricity and an end to the proposal for privatisation of the Post Office.

On another note, literally, I read in the New York Times (the one that is given away with the Observer) that Ronnie Spector’s show with which she is currently touring is called ‘Beyond the Beehive.’  Aren’t the first eight notes of Be My Baby some of the best?

Nephew and partner safely ensconced in new flat which is just down the road.  This must mean our area is becoming very hip.  If that is the hip word.



The Website

Welcome to my new website! At long last it’s here.
This will be the place to drop in to, to keep up with what’s going on in North London and beyond.

Next entry – moving the nephew.